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An Introduction to SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an affordable, easy-to-implement business management solution designed specifically to meet the needs of emerging and dynamically growing small and midsize companies. SAP Business One gives managers access to critical real-time information about their business on demand through one single system containing financial, customer relationship management, manufacturing, and management control capabilities. Read More ………

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SAP_Busi_One_PCG8_130_R_p Implementation

SAP_Busi_One_PCG8_130_R_p Financing

Implementing business management software requires more than a working knowledge of the technology and software. It requires real business experience, the experience that can only be obtained through years of business consulting and business ownership.

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Maximum Insights can provide financing for projects through our several financing partners, including SAP’s preferred financing partner, Marlin Business Services Corporation. As capital becomes scarce, financing can provide you with an alternative, and enable you move forward with much needed projects now rather than waiting until later.

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